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Worms and Worming:

I worm with Nemex-2 Pyrantel Pamoate at 3 weeks and 5 weeks.  I also worm with Prescription Drontal Plus when the pup is 2# (about 6-7 weeks) to eliminate all worms and parasites including Tapeworms, Whipworms, and Roundworms,  Although everyone is on frontline here, when the flea bites even if it dies from the Frontline it can still give the dog tapeworms from its bite.  If you have a pup that's too young for frontline or another product, you can dust them lightly with Sevin Dust for vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and lawn.  UPC 613499070173 It also kills ticks.   You do not want the one with Pyretherins as the active ingredient.  This is a growth inhibitor, and you dont want that on a pup.    


Dachshunds should not have dew claws removed.  As a puppy I trim their nails at 3 weeks, 6 weeks,  9 weeks, and 12 weeks.  Then I trim them every 8 - 10 weeks.  As they age, they are more active and wear down the tip that catches on blankets, etc...  I am very diligent about this, as I think this is where some phobia's come from about their toes being handled.  I recommend a clipper rather than the 'slicer' style.  I am specifically talking about:

Item number 9N-1059

Coat & Fleas:

Dachshunds are naturally free from 'doggie odor'.  Their coat does not require alot of care. The feathering on their ears needs to be brushed so that it does not become matted.  Using baby oil on their feet and legs will help keep the snowballs from forming in the winter time.  I have also found Vicks is a great fly and bug repellant that is really waterproof!  I rub some behind their ears when the black flies get bad, and it works great!  I also use this on my horse and it also works well in that application.  

I give Drs Foster and Smith Brewers Yeast and Garlic tablets.  They are bug deterrents and give a nice coat as well!  Brewers Yeast is rich in Vitamin B complex.  When metabolized, this releases a sulfurous compound onto the dogs skin.  Give one pill a day or use 1 Teaspoon per 25# of dogs weight.  It gives a nice luster, prevents and reverses (in some cases) 'Hot Spots', and keeps the fleas away!  Dogs and Cats love it, and they are very palatable.

Item number 9N-231



If you ever take your pup to a groomer, it is my understanding they typically express the anal gland whilst grooming.  You may want to ask them not to, if this is their practice.  If it works don't fix it.  I have known dogs that glands actually HAD to be expressed with that frequency or they got impacted.  The Anal glands secret that stinky gooey stuff that help the bowel movement to pass easily. 


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