Puppy Questionnaire 


1.     Do You Own or Rent? How long have you lived in your current home?


2.     Do you have a yard?  Size, fenced or not?


3.    What is your schedule like? Your Job and or Routines.


4.    How many total people, ages, and gender reside in the prospective home?  Please include seasonal visitors or students, and their jobs or routines.


5.    How many, ages, gender, breeds, types of other pets in the home now?  Are they intact or spayed/neutered? Please include seasonal visitors or students that may bring another animal into the home.


6.    What is current pet(s), if any routine?


7.    If you own a dog now, what do you feed, how, how often and how much total per day?


8.    Who would be the primary caregiver of the new puppy?


9.     If you currently do not have a dog, Have you ever had a dog; what is your canine experience?


10.    Do you have a veterinarian you use?  Who and where if known.


11.    Do you travel alot? How often, mode of travel and where if known.


12.    Do you own a pool, or live by a lake?


13.    Why are you considering a new addition to your family?





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