What to Look for in a Reputable Breeder


  1. Dogs do not live in crates, or confined areas.  Run if you see crates stacked on top of each other.

  2. You should be able to see and or meet all the dogs.

  3. You should be able to see or meet the parents.

  4. All dogs should be friendly and well kept, with room to run and toys to play with.

  5. Dogs are not bred at every heat for their entire life.

  6. Mating should be to improve the breed not to produce genetically problematic animals, or produce mass quantities of puppies.

  7. Veterinary and Health records should be up to date.

  8. Dogs pedigrees have several champions in them, and are recent.

  9. Pedigrees of all dogs should be provided or shown.

  10. Reputable breeders guarantee their dogs, and are about more than just the sale.

  11. If a breeders contract specifies genetic or parasite issues, chances are this has been an issue for the breeder.

  12. AKC registration.

The newer registries are, in my opinion lax in verifying pedigrees.  There are dogs that are not what they say they are on paper out there.  

Do Not buy your puppy from a puppy mill.  Many lines now carry genes that produce blindness, deafness, seizures that often don't show up til the puppy is 3 or 4 years of age.  By buying a puppy from them because you feel sorry for the conditions the dogs are in, only allows them to stay in business.  Reporting them to Animal Control in their county is about all you can do. 




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