All my animals are a part of my family.  

MY background:

pre veterinary curriculum in college.

large and small veterinary clinic experience

animal blood bank work experience

owner and operator of an in home pet care business

dog and horse show experience

dietary, genecology,  PSYCHOLOGICAL, and physiological knowledge


I have a 'eye' for good animals, and think that everyone should have a great dog.   One that has thought out and planned lineage derived from study, research, and proper selection of parents; not random backyard breeding.   Dachshunds are great little dogs, because they are intelligent, long lived, low care, versatile, and very loyal.  Dachshunds are fearless, and at the same time very sweet.  Dachshunds love the water, and are also naturally free from 'doggy odor'; which means they are a low or no dander dog and safe for most folks with allergies.  Dachshunds are considered dogs that do not shed, because they do not shed mass quantities of hair.  ALL dogs shed twice a year; spring to loose their winter coat, and fall to grow their winter coat. 

Dachshunds compete in the show ring in Conformation, Agility, Good Citizen, Earth dog, Field Trials, Herding, Junior Showmanship, Obedience, and Tracking!  They are also wonderful Therapy Dogs.

If you want to know more about showing and what winners look and act like; visit InfoDog.com go to the show information.  You can search by state for shows being held in your area.  To find out what type of show you wish to visit find the table of events or click here.

The Dachshund was developed in Germany more than 300 years ago to hunt Badgers.  They are derived from a hound and a terrier.  Terra is Latin for earth.  The longhaired Dachshund has emphasized the hound, the wirehair and smooth the Terrier.  The Dachshund comes in more colors and patterns than any other breed of dog!  Please see my Colors page for more information or click here.

Some Dachshund lines are prone to sight, hearing, back, heart, and jaw problems.  Breeding Dapple to Dapple can cause hearing, sight, and other issues.  My male's are Bosco, a Chocolate and Tan with Green eyes, and Santos a Shaded Cream.  Both are NOT Dapple.  My girls patterns are either Dapple or Brindle.  I have strived to create the Noodledogs line to posses Intelligence, True to breed Conformation, and researched pedigrees back to make sure there were no animals with genetic defects.  

I produce just a few litters annually because I want to share a great dog with others.  So many of my friends wish they had a dog like mine; and now many of them do!  I went for the true Velcro dog - one that sticks to you and is soft! 

I guarantee my dogs, I think they are the best, and I want the best for them!


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