Whatever airline you use the pup will not be shipped if it is going as checked baggage.  It must be a 'Pet Safe' D.A.S.H (Direct Animal Shipping and Handling) or TLC option most airlines offer. 


There is an additional charge of $50 for the size 2 crate, and $50 for the health certificate. 


Pups depart Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR) between 1230am and 3pm.  The buyer makes the airline arrangements and is responsible for all costs of flight.  Most airlines require payment before the flight, and require me to pay at airport.


I email you the sales contract which must be signed and returned along with all monies due for the Pup, Health Certificate, and Crate prior to the shipping of the pup. The paperwork can be faxed to me at 877-655-2008 (toll free), emailed to or sent via USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex.  


Below are links to the 2 airlines that I have used.


United Airlines  (was continential)  Petsafe only! 1-800-575-3335  fees can be found here  


Delta/Northwest..Must be DASH or PETS FIRST ONLY!  1-888-736-3738 Delta Pets first.  If temp is over 85 they wont accept the pup and we will have to reschedule.  Fees can be found here





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