Your New Puppy!


Gestation is approximately 63 days.

Typically 24 hours before birth the mom's temperature will drop a degree.  I Check it every 12 hours.

At 2 weeks of age the puppies eyes start to open.

At 3-4 weeks of age they start to supplement the nursing on water softened Purina puppy chow, and potty training begins.

At 4-5 weeks of age they begin socialization and being introduced to new situations inside and outside.  Mom is weaning them, and only allows them to nurse a couple times a day for a few minutes. 

At 5 weeks of age they are eating dry Purina puppy chow fed in the morning and pulled at 4pm. Water is pulled at 8pm.

At 6 weeks they are mastering steps, and being outside for the day, weather permitting. They are at 100% on puppy chow, and only nurse when they can catch Mom!

I don't place pups any earlier than 7-8 weeks of age.   

I ask that you bring a towel when you first come to look at a prospective pup.  I keep this towel near Mom and the litter until you pick up your pup; so that your new pup can have some old smells to go to his or her new home with. It is appropriately called the baby blanket! :)

If you have decided on a name for your pup, I start calling it by its name. 

The litter has to be registered with the AKC first, by acknowledgement of Sire and Dam owners affirming the breeding, and subsequent litter quantity and gender. I then get the individual puppies AKC application registration papers you receive after I have received the spay/neuter certificate on the puppy.  I utilize to register the litter.  You can also register your pup online, if you so choose. 

Your new puppy comes with:

  1. First Puppy shot given at 6 weeks.

  2. Wormed with Nemex-2*. 

  3. Enough food to last 3 or 4 days.

  4. Coupon for Purina Puppy Chow.

  5. New puppy folder that has room for all your puppies records.

  6. Purina's "Your new puppy booklet" with Information on potty training, and general FAQ's of dogs behavior.

I can also do a Stained Glass of your puppy!

All my puppies come with Limited registration.  My pups are show quality, but sold as additions to the family.  Typically you would be spaying or neutering your pup anyway.  (Limited Registration) Males start to show interest in females from 5 -  7 Months of age.  If you neuter prior to testosterone taking over, (approx 6 months) the possible development of some undesirable intact male behavior can be avoided. Females after first or second full heat.  I recommend 9 months of age. Females cycle every 6 months. 

Full Registration is really only applicable if you are going to be showing and or breeding, your dog MUST be intact to earn AKC recognized points in shows or to reproduce.  If you are interested in Full Registration, we would need to discuss it further, and adjust the price accordingly.

I breed for temperament - My pups are lovey and do not need to be bred to become this way.  I feel pups like kids learn what they live.  I spend ALOT of time working with come, go outside to potty, and play time to socialize the pups as much as possible, in many different scenarios as possible.  

If you EVER have ANY question, I am always a phone call or email away.

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